Why Breasts Not Bombs? Why are we baring our breasts publicly? What do breasts have to do with war? We say that war is indecent. We reject that exposing our breasts in public is indecent. We say that torture and cluster bombs IS.

We say using depleted uranium in our military hardware, and spreading radiation through Iraq and into the bodies of our own soldiers is indecent. We say that there is something terribly wrong in a culture that easily allows the media to show thousands of violent images daily to our children but says women's breasts are offensive.

We are here to bring attention to the fact that our young men and women have been sent to war under false pretenses and are needlessly killing people there and being killed as well - over 4,000 of them to date and over 40,000 have been terribly injured.
We are here to bring attention to the fact that well over 700,000 Iraqi women, children, and men have died since the beginning of this war alone.

We are here as women who are the bearers of life, and responsible for nursing our world into a state of well being, stand opposed to our children being killed around the world. We are here to symbolize that we can live in a culture of nurturance (symbolized by the breast) not a culture of war. We are offering an alternative to war.

We will use our feminine nature to wake people up, to cause a stir, to arouse people from their apathetic complacent slumber. We stand in a long line of women who have used their bodies to bring attention to a dire situation, among them:
The brave women of Nigeria who won concessions in 1984 and 2002 from international oil companies who were destroying their towns and their communities. Several thousand women disrobed in 1984 and hundreds threatened to disrobe in 2002 at the oil facilities.
The companies met their demands. In March of 2009 women in Paraguay used the same strategy to demonstrate against nuclear proliferation.

We are not exhibitionists here to entertain perverted pleasures. We do not do this action easily or blithely.
We know women's bodies are used, abused, and humiliated in this country and around the world. We know we are subject to this energy.
But we cannot sit silent while this war continues. We will use our bodies to bring attention to the immoral injustices of war, its torturous prisons and obscene profits.

We know this is controversial and that we will be criticized. To our critics we say, if this action is not for you, please find one that is. Do not waste your energy in judgment of us; use it to further the cause of peace in our world. The world needs us now to take a stand. We believe that if women were safe to walk through the world with their breasts exposed we would all be safe. We are sick and tired of war. We are heartbroken over the senseless and ongoing loss of life.

This is our stand. What is yours?

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