Tatterhood and Other Tales

Tatterhood And Other Tales is a collection of International Folk tales gathered from all over the world from countries such as Japan, Norway, Ireland, Germany, and Africa. First told in the early 1900's these adventurous tales capture the imagination of young and old alike. One of the unique aspects of these particular stories is the fact that the central character, the one who determines the outcome, are all women and girls. The Tatterhood Collection emphasizes the wit, intelligence and magic inherent in the feminine to solve challenges and obstacles along the way.

Narrated by Sheba Love this audio collection of 2 Cds include nine long playing stories is filled with the wonderful voices of: Lavendar Grace Cinnamon, W. Dan Roberts, Ken Krause, Robert Permenter, Gabee Permenter, Joe Seta, Freyja Scott, Sophia Scott, Clyde Mighty, Tristan O'Greenfield, Bridget Volk, Andrea Shafir, Daryl "Oasis" Hasten, Brian Smith and Sherry Glaser.

Johnny "Qwest" Huebel and David Brown composed a marvelous and delightful original soundtrack.

Sherry Glaser and Peter Temple elevate the stories with very special sound effects.

The fanciful cover painted by Robert Permenter gives listeners a glimpse into the illustrated heart of each story.

All together the Tatterhood Collection offers a wonderful alternative to mainstream storytelling and revives an oral tradition in a fresh exciting way. Tatterhood was recorded at Peter Temple Studios in Albion CA

$25.00 includes shipping and handling,